We are ending our elemental series talking about gnomes. Gnomes are keepers of the earth. They live beneath the trees in little houses under the roots. Gnomes are nocturnal. They only come out at night to do their work. They tend to the trees. They don’t want anyone to see them so that’s why they’re nocturnal.

There is a hierarchy in their family units. There’s one that always is the head one and tells everyone what to do. They are gatherers and search for food. They do venture inside our houses at night and take things. They take such small portions that you never notice! Gnomes are not carnivores though. They prefer fruit, vegetables and nuts.

Gnomes enjoy crafts and are very artistic. They make little baskets out of blades of grass and make sculptures out of bark.

Throughout the day they sleep and at night they’re having fun or gathering food. They are a fan of bright colors and patterns. They wear little coats and britches. I can tell you I have seen a few and my friend has seen them too. We saw a little dark short figure running down a road with red boots. It was dusk just before dark. Just enough light left to make you wonder if it is really what you saw!

I will not be posting next week due to no internet coverage. I will be starting a new series when I return. Love and light to all.

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