Another one of my favorite crystals is Celestite or Celestine crystal. I use this one all the time. It is one my crystal grid in the center under my Reiki table. This crystal has a very high vibration. If you are very sensitive to energy you can hold it and feels its vibration. It is very calming and uplifting. I use it during my sessions to help clear out the chakras. It can also help you contact your guardian angels and guides. This stone helps with spiritual advancement and enhances your psychic abilities. Some other uses are as follows:

Aids in dream recall

Opens cells to receive healing from Angels

When you sleep saturates you with a positive vibration

Opens the third eye

Use in meditation

Clears negative vibrations

Assists the lungs and breathing

Adding this beautiful stone will be as asset to your collection!!


For as long as I can remember I have always been attracted to the color purple. Colors have lots of spiritual meanings so I researched this particular color. I also had readings and there’s a lot of purple in my aura. Your aura colors change minute by minute by the way of your thoughts and moods but there is your core color and mine in purple. It only makes sense that another one of my favorite stones is amethyst.

Amethyst has healing properties. If you’ve had a Reiki session with me you will remember the large amethyst at the head of my table under your head on the floor. This aids in your healing during the session. This wonderful crystal was gifted to me by a crystal vender at the Awakenings events. My mother passed away this past February of 2019. I had been eyeing that chunk of amethyst for a while. I would hold it and stare at it. There was just something about it. I would not budge to buy it for some odd reason.

A few months later I was in between clients at the Awakenings fair and Amanda who is the owner of the crystal shop plopped the chunk of Amethyst in my lap. I looked up in disbelief!! She said “Its yours!” I said ‘I can’t take this from you its too expensive!” She said “Well your mother wants you to have it and she has come to me to tell me that.” Tears welled up in my eyes and I thanked her. You can see by this example that some crystals choose you! I talked to my dad and told him about that day and he said that amethyst was my mom’s favorite crystal. I never knew that!! The picture below is that crystal. When you come to me have a healing session you can say hi to my mom because a bit of her is in that chunk of purple stone. The picture below is that stone.

There are many other uses for this stone. It has been used to control negative thoughts. It is also a big protector of negative energy. This stone is also connected to the divine and emits a sense of inner peace. Aiding in sleep, it is a great stone to put beside your bed. The large geo amethyst sits in my living room. I gave its sole purpose to be protection. That picture is below as well.

I hope you begin to work with this stone. It is a great one as well as beautiful to add to your collection.


Welcome to a new unit blog on the crystals that I love the most! Crystals add so much to your healing practice and personal use also. There are ways that you need to care for your crystals and ways to program them for a specific use.


Crystals are like sponges. They absorb energy. After a while they get full and bogged down so you have to clear them out. There a several ways you can do this. If you aren’t using your crystals on a daily basis then you can clear them out of a full moon. Set them in direct moon light. You can also clear them in direct sunlight. Another way is salt water. Put a glass or ceramic owl filled with lightly salted water and emerge your crystals in that solution for a few minutes. Dry them naturally or in the sun. If you’re in a hurry you can run fresh water over them for a few minutes and them dry them with a clean cloth. Some crystals like turquoise will erode in water so the best way to clean them is with direct sunlight or moonlight. Another good way is to sage your crystals or use the violet flame. I teach how to use the violet flame in my spiritual and Reiki classes. Always clean new crystals out before you use them.


You can give a certain crystal a specific job to do. This is called programming your crystals. I have programmed crystals in my Kick Ass Aura Spray. You give this crystal a single job to do. Hold your crystal or crystals in your hand or hold your hands over a group of crystals and send energy to them. This is done after you clean them. Feel the energy going into the crystals. You may feel a slight vibration coming from your hands. As you are doing this say out loud or in your head “I program you to (blank). To protect you, to bring you love or money whatever is needed. You can also change that crystal’s purpose just as easily as you originally programmed it or them. Below you will see a crystal grid I created for my home to bring in abundance and property in all aspects of my life. If you are in a crystal shop and you feel drawn to a stone go ahead and purchase it. They say crystals choose their owners. You may need that crystal for something in your life. Crystal do not have to be programmed. Only if you want them for a very specific purpose.

The first crystal I want to talk about fits into this introduction. It is called Selenite. I love this stone because it clears out all or your other stone instantly. During my healing sessions in between each client I but them up to the selenite to clean them. It has a milky white sheen to it. Selenite can be delicate and soft. It can split easily. It can activate your third eye when searching for higher planes. It promotes purity and honesty. It helps align the chakras and raises awareness. If you are wanting to connect with your spirit guides this stone can help you. Hold it during meditation to do so. Wearing selenite can ward off energy vampires. This stone is a must for your collection and very valuable to help you with your spiritual practice!!


On this blog I want to talk about mercury in retrograde. People talk a lot about these times of the year and blame problems on it as well. What is it and why does it affect us the way it does????


Three or four times a year Mercury passes the earth in its orbit. It appears to stop and spin backwards. This is where we get the retrograde. It doesn’t really move backwards but it’s like an optical illusion that’s moving backwards. In astrology Mercury rules communication, travel and technology so all of these areas can go haywire for about three weeks.


This time can cause computers to have problems or crash. If you travel the chance of your flight being delayed or your luggage being lost is greater. Car travel can be affected too with mechanical problems and GPS problems etc. Communication misunderstandings are very common also. Someone might take what you say the wrong way thus causing drama and unnecessary fights. Try not to start anything new during this time if at all possible. Empaths feel more emotional and extra sensitive during this time and also very tired. It’s all energy shifts and our bodies are affected by it.


  1. Review all legal contracts and documents before signing.
  2. Pause and breathe before speaking
  3. Read all documents and emails before sending.
  4. Track important mail and packages. (Mercury rules the postal system)
  5. Keep your car tuned up and pack an emergency roadside kit.
  6. Leave early for any flights.
  7. Renew your commitments before making new ones.
  8. Focus on the prefix RE-which means to go backwards. (renew, revamp, redecorate)
  9. Expect to run into or hear from people from your past at the weirdest moments.
  10. Practice forgiveness.
  11. Back up your digital files
  12. Think of this as a quarterly review period. This is a chance to pause and finish what you’ve started.
  13. Take Epsom salt baths to keep you grounded and do extra meditation work
  14. Get extra sleep!!!

Keep a good attitude during this time and try not to take things personally. I hope this helps with understanding this astrological time. The good news is that this one ends July 31st! Just remember to breathe!!


We are ending our elemental series talking about gnomes. Gnomes are keepers of the earth. They live beneath the trees in little houses under the roots. Gnomes are nocturnal. They only come out at night to do their work. They tend to the trees. They don’t want anyone to see them so that’s why they’re nocturnal.

There is a hierarchy in their family units. There’s one that always is the head one and tells everyone what to do. They are gatherers and search for food. They do venture inside our houses at night and take things. They take such small portions that you never notice! Gnomes are not carnivores though. They prefer fruit, vegetables and nuts.

Gnomes enjoy crafts and are very artistic. They make little baskets out of blades of grass and make sculptures out of bark.

Throughout the day they sleep and at night they’re having fun or gathering food. They are a fan of bright colors and patterns. They wear little coats and britches. I can tell you I have seen a few and my friend has seen them too. We saw a little dark short figure running down a road with red boots. It was dusk just before dark. Just enough light left to make you wonder if it is really what you saw!

I will not be posting next week due to no internet coverage. I will be starting a new series when I return. Love and light to all.


Tonight we are going to talk about wind elementals or sylphs. Sylphs have thin ethereal bodies that transform gracefully into myriad shapes as they fly through the air. They are able to ravel long distances very quickly and giant ones can span the skies and interpenetrate the earth.

They work to purify the air of pollutants-everything from car exhaust to toxic fumes from factories before they penetrate he water and earth.

They also purify the mental plane of all of the negative thoughts we put out into the atmosphere. The mental plane can be polluted with anger, hatred and jealousy and other poisons of the spirit.

Another duty they have is to accelerate every cell of life with the scared breath of spirit. They are bearers of the energy called prana that nourishes all living things.

Next week it will be the Gnomes!!!


Today we are going to explore one of the most fascinating nature spirits called the Devas. There is a being, energy or life force in everything. This includes from the largest tree to a blade of grass. Your weeds have an entity in them. We as humans are so destructive to the plant kingdom. That weed that you don’t want in your flower bed is alive. Scientists have already proven that trees have intelligence so why not the single blade of grass? If you don’t want something in a place ask the entity to find another home and tell it why. Don’t just rip it out of the ground. It hurts my soul to go by a place where they have clear cut trees. I feel such sorrow!!

There was a post going around on Facebook talking about how trees communicate with each other and feel pain and emotions. If you want to cut a tree down just let the deva know and they will find a new home. That is showing respect for the plant kingdom. Trees are so important to this earth. They clean the air of pollution! They also ground us and take the negativity out of our bodies. Be a tree hugger!! Ever hugged a tree and felt its life force? It’s amazing and you can feel its vibration. When you walk in the woods ever feel like you’re being watched? You are! There are nature entities everywhere. The tree devas hold a special place in my heart because they are so vital and strong.

There’s an exercise you can do like a type of meditation. Go outside and find a tree that you feel drawn to. Sit a few feet from it or sit under it at the base of the tree. Close your eyes and connect with it. You may feel intense loving energy. Send it gratitude for all it does. With regular practice you just might see the tree deva. They have large eyes and can range from green to white. They can feel your love so as you pass by a tree that your think is beautiful tell it so. It will feel happiness and will be uplifting to you.


This is a new series on the fairy and nature spirit kingdom. Everyone loves fairies but they can be quite mischievous little spirits. They can hide things from you and they think this is very entertaining. I had a book that was about the fairy kingdom and it was filled with wonderful information. Every time I would want to lend it out it would disappear for a while. Later I would find it in some strange place like under the couch, somewhere where I would’ve never put something. Now it has disappeared altogether and it’s been years since I’ve seen that book!! They deserve the upmost respect or they might cause havoc in your life. Your car might not start or you might lose your keys. You can see them with the naked eye more so during the spring or what’s called Beltane.  When I have seen them they look like little blue Christmas lights dancing among the flowers.

They love treats and gifts! Anything shiny and with sparkle! Inviting them into your garden will benefit your flowers and trees. They also love color. Place flowers that bloom with bright flowers in your garden. Try not to prune and make it too neat. Fairies like a more natural place to play. Some plants you can put in your garden to attract them are sunflowers, honeysuckle, lilacs, lavender and rosemary to name a few. Add some crystal to all of that and then ask for them to come. Sit on a bench and hum a tune or sing. Try to be childlike to attract them.

Next week we will talk about another nature spirit called the Devas or tree spirits!!


This blog I’m going to talk about the Violet Flame. I was taught this many years ago when I was a very young adult. I use this in my paranormal clearings and during a reiki session to transmute any negative energy that is released from the chakras. The violet flame is very powerful and clears out negative and blocked energy. The violet flame is the greatest gift given to mankind by the archangel St Germaine. Using this also eases bad situations and negative thoughts. I have used this when in toxic work situations. I do this quickly before I go into the building and the conflicts are not as intense. You have to use visualization for this to work but it is not hard to do and can be done with little effort.


See Archangel Michael with a blue flame sword pulsating with light come into the space or individual. (Yes this can be done on individual people) You can see Archangel Michael as a warrior with full amour or just as a strong being of light. See him going from room to room or beside the person slashing away the negativity. See the negativity as bits of charred wood floating in space. Then place the individual or place into the most beautiful violet fire you have ever seen. See this fire burning away all the negativity. Immediately fill the vessel with the golden white light of the Christ. I usually see a pitcher of golden white light, held with Gods hand, filling up the area or individual. You can see it like a glass of milk overflowing and going underneath as well.

That’s it! It’s easy to do in just a few minutes. You can do this also before you go into stores where you shop or just anywhere. It raises the vibration for you wherever you go. I hope you use this in whatever practice you do. It is a wonderful tool!!


For this blog I want to write a little bit about gratitude. I just got back from an amazing three days at a spiritual retreat called Mountain Light Sanctuary. There is no Wi-Fi, TV’s or radio, Pure silent and high vibration energy. Using all of these modern conveniences we lose the gratitude factor and just expect things. Sitting there with no outside modern conveniences makes you think and realize how much we have and how lucky we are. We take advantage that our water turns on every time we need it. We take advantage that our car starts or our power comes on in a dark room. Being in nature and totally decompressing makes you see that we should give great thanks every day for what we have. Try to only stress about what is really important not what won’t matter in a few days. Work on your home to make it a sanctuary and a place of retreat. Nature and animals are so forgiving and we constantly take and take and take. Do you really need another pair of shoes? Do you really need that new dress?? Turn the tv off and practice silence and calm. You will be surprised at how much calmer you may feel!