What is Reiki ???

Welcome to my first Wednesday blog ya’ll!! I’m so excited to start these blogs on so many different topics.

My first topic is Reiki.  I‘ve so many people ask me what Reiki is. Most people at the Awakenings Physic fairs come by and ask “what do you do? What is this Reiki stuff I’ve heard so much about?”

Reiki means mysterious atmosphere. Reiki is pure healing energy. It is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. It can also be called hands on healing. It is universal life force energy transferred through the palms of the practitioner. It helps with emotional and physical healing. It also involves the chakras which are energy centers in the body. We will look at those in depth later. When your chakras are healthy, you are healthy. Life just happens with struggle and strife and the chakras can become blocked. Reiki keeps your energy centers healthy and vibrant.

So who can do Reiki? Anyone can! But to do this type of energy work you have to be attuned. Attunement is when the Reiki master downloads certain symbols into your subconscious and teaches you how to use them. You have to be attuned!  I do teach all levels of Reiki if you are drawn to this type of energy work.

I took a yoga chakra class a while back. This was before I took the Reiki classes. During this series of classes I got my Reiki 1 and 2 from another source, when the yoga instructor learned of this she chastised me saying” I don’t like Reiki. It makes others think you’re privileged and that you’re more special than them.” That is not true. Everyone has the power to heal others, you can lay your hands on someone and send them wonderful healing green energy and it will help. Reiki is just a different form of energy work that comes from early Japanese influences in the 1800’s. Over 60 hospitals in the USA are now offering Reiki services to patients! That is so cool!

I hope this explains some of your questions about this wonderful energy work. If you have any questions feel free to message me!

Love and Light!

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