introduction to Chakras

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to my late Wednesday blog. I had some major issues this week that had to be dealt with but we are back on track now!

Since we talked about what Reiki is last week, this week I start my series on the chakras. First I’ll talk about what they are and then each week we will focus on each one and the crystals that go with that individual chakra.

Reiki works on the chakras and keeping them healthy. Chakra means wheel or disk. Within these wheels or disk is Prana. Prana is another name for energy, the ultimate healing energy. Healthy ultimate healing energy is what keeps us happy, healthy and vibrant. Blocked energy centers in the chakras can often lead to illness. There are seven main chakras in the body. They start at the base of the spine and end up above our head. There are other chakras that are considered minor chakras (example the tops of our feet) but we are going to concentrate of the main seven.

These swirling energy centers correspond with massive nerve centers in the body. Since everything in our bodies is moving it’s essential that these chakras remain open. If a chakra is blocked energy can’t flow through the body, just like your sink getting clogged up. What clogs the chakras up? Stress, emotional issues and just plain life in general. Receiving Reiki on a regular basis keep your drain from staying clogged.

Stay tuned next Wednesday and I will start with the root chakra. We will talk about how you can tell if its blocked, the color and crystal to use as well. Thanks for visiting and see you soon!

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