We are ending this blog unit on the last but not least crown chakra. It is the 7th chakra and is located at the top of the head. It gives us access to higher states of consciousness and gets us in touch with the universe. It is also referred to as Sahasrara. The color is my favorite, violet or purple.

As we immerse ourselves in the energy of this chakra we feel a state of blissful union and spiritual ecstasy. It gives us clarity and wisdom. Some say it’s a gateway to the divine self.

Imbalances are being disconnected to spirit, and constant cynicism regarding what is sacred. An overactive chakra can cause obsessive attachment to spiritual matters, closed mindedness and living in your head (being out of touch).

Beautiful crystals are associated with this chakra. They are Amethyst, Quartz crystal, Selenite and Moonstone. All of these crystals look ethereal to me and it makes sense that they are associated with this chakra.

People talk about wanting to be open with this chakra more than any other. You can open this chakra with meditation and prayer. If this is something you want to do then I ask you to proceed with caution. There can be consequences to any opening for more energy. You will have to shield and ground. You might have trouble sleeping and have vivid dreams. You might open the 3rd eye and begin to see things good and bad. Please research before you go this path because it can be something you might not really want in the end.

Next week we will start a new topic series about Exploring the Empath!!!

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