Today we are going to explore one of the most fascinating nature spirits called the Devas. There is a being, energy or life force in everything. This includes from the largest tree to a blade of grass. Your weeds have an entity in them. We as humans are so destructive to the plant kingdom. That weed that you don’t want in your flower bed is alive. Scientists have already proven that trees have intelligence so why not the single blade of grass? If you don’t want something in a place ask the entity to find another home and tell it why. Don’t just rip it out of the ground. It hurts my soul to go by a place where they have clear cut trees. I feel such sorrow!!

There was a post going around on Facebook talking about how trees communicate with each other and feel pain and emotions. If you want to cut a tree down just let the deva know and they will find a new home. That is showing respect for the plant kingdom. Trees are so important to this earth. They clean the air of pollution! They also ground us and take the negativity out of our bodies. Be a tree hugger!! Ever hugged a tree and felt its life force? It’s amazing and you can feel its vibration. When you walk in the woods ever feel like you’re being watched? You are! There are nature entities everywhere. The tree devas hold a special place in my heart because they are so vital and strong.

There’s an exercise you can do like a type of meditation. Go outside and find a tree that you feel drawn to. Sit a few feet from it or sit under it at the base of the tree. Close your eyes and connect with it. You may feel intense loving energy. Send it gratitude for all it does. With regular practice you just might see the tree deva. They have large eyes and can range from green to white. They can feel your love so as you pass by a tree that your think is beautiful tell it so. It will feel happiness and will be uplifting to you.

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