This is a new series on the fairy and nature spirit kingdom. Everyone loves fairies but they can be quite mischievous little spirits. They can hide things from you and they think this is very entertaining. I had a book that was about the fairy kingdom and it was filled with wonderful information. Every time I would want to lend it out it would disappear for a while. Later I would find it in some strange place like under the couch, somewhere where I would’ve never put something. Now it has disappeared altogether and it’s been years since I’ve seen that book!! They deserve the upmost respect or they might cause havoc in your life. Your car might not start or you might lose your keys. You can see them with the naked eye more so during the spring or what’s called Beltane.  When I have seen them they look like little blue Christmas lights dancing among the flowers.

They love treats and gifts! Anything shiny and with sparkle! Inviting them into your garden will benefit your flowers and trees. They also love color. Place flowers that bloom with bright flowers in your garden. Try not to prune and make it too neat. Fairies like a more natural place to play. Some plants you can put in your garden to attract them are sunflowers, honeysuckle, lilacs, lavender and rosemary to name a few. Add some crystal to all of that and then ask for them to come. Sit on a bench and hum a tune or sing. Try to be childlike to attract them.

Next week we will talk about another nature spirit called the Devas or tree spirits!!

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