Welcome to a new unit blog on the crystals that I love the most! Crystals add so much to your healing practice and personal use also. There are ways that you need to care for your crystals and ways to program them for a specific use.


Crystals are like sponges. They absorb energy. After a while they get full and bogged down so you have to clear them out. There a several ways you can do this. If you aren’t using your crystals on a daily basis then you can clear them out of a full moon. Set them in direct moon light. You can also clear them in direct sunlight. Another way is salt water. Put a glass or ceramic owl filled with lightly salted water and emerge your crystals in that solution for a few minutes. Dry them naturally or in the sun. If you’re in a hurry you can run fresh water over them for a few minutes and them dry them with a clean cloth. Some crystals like turquoise will erode in water so the best way to clean them is with direct sunlight or moonlight. Another good way is to sage your crystals or use the violet flame. I teach how to use the violet flame in my spiritual and Reiki classes. Always clean new crystals out before you use them.


You can give a certain crystal a specific job to do. This is called programming your crystals. I have programmed crystals in my Kick Ass Aura Spray. You give this crystal a single job to do. Hold your crystal or crystals in your hand or hold your hands over a group of crystals and send energy to them. This is done after you clean them. Feel the energy going into the crystals. You may feel a slight vibration coming from your hands. As you are doing this say out loud or in your head “I program you to (blank). To protect you, to bring you love or money whatever is needed. You can also change that crystal’s purpose just as easily as you originally programmed it or them. Below you will see a crystal grid I created for my home to bring in abundance and property in all aspects of my life. If you are in a crystal shop and you feel drawn to a stone go ahead and purchase it. They say crystals choose their owners. You may need that crystal for something in your life. Crystal do not have to be programmed. Only if you want them for a very specific purpose.

The first crystal I want to talk about fits into this introduction. It is called Selenite. I love this stone because it clears out all or your other stone instantly. During my healing sessions in between each client I but them up to the selenite to clean them. It has a milky white sheen to it. Selenite can be delicate and soft. It can split easily. It can activate your third eye when searching for higher planes. It promotes purity and honesty. It helps align the chakras and raises awareness. If you are wanting to connect with your spirit guides this stone can help you. Hold it during meditation to do so. Wearing selenite can ward off energy vampires. This stone is a must for your collection and very valuable to help you with your spiritual practice!!

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