For as long as I can remember I have always been attracted to the color purple. Colors have lots of spiritual meanings so I researched this particular color. I also had readings and there’s a lot of purple in my aura. Your aura colors change minute by minute by the way of your thoughts and moods but there is your core color and mine in purple. It only makes sense that another one of my favorite stones is amethyst.

Amethyst has healing properties. If you’ve had a Reiki session with me you will remember the large amethyst at the head of my table under your head on the floor. This aids in your healing during the session. This wonderful crystal was gifted to me by a crystal vender at the Awakenings events. My mother passed away this past February of 2019. I had been eyeing that chunk of amethyst for a while. I would hold it and stare at it. There was just something about it. I would not budge to buy it for some odd reason.

A few months later I was in between clients at the Awakenings fair and Amanda who is the owner of the crystal shop plopped the chunk of Amethyst in my lap. I looked up in disbelief!! She said “Its yours!” I said ‘I can’t take this from you its too expensive!” She said “Well your mother wants you to have it and she has come to me to tell me that.” Tears welled up in my eyes and I thanked her. You can see by this example that some crystals choose you! I talked to my dad and told him about that day and he said that amethyst was my mom’s favorite crystal. I never knew that!! The picture below is that crystal. When you come to me have a healing session you can say hi to my mom because a bit of her is in that chunk of purple stone. The picture below is that stone.

There are many other uses for this stone. It has been used to control negative thoughts. It is also a big protector of negative energy. This stone is also connected to the divine and emits a sense of inner peace. Aiding in sleep, it is a great stone to put beside your bed. The large geo amethyst sits in my living room. I gave its sole purpose to be protection. That picture is below as well.

I hope you begin to work with this stone. It is a great one as well as beautiful to add to your collection.


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