The root Chakra is the first Chakra in the body’s Chakra system. This Chakra is associated with feeling safe and grounded. It also has earth energy. This Chakra is found at the base of the spine. Another name for this Chakra is called Muladhara Chakra because of its feminine energy. It also lays the foundation for the expansion of your life. Just like a foundation it give you the basics of survival, such as food, shelter, safety and a sense of comfort and belonging and sex drive.

The typical root color Chakra is vermilion red. Red represents strength and vitality. If there is imbalance with this Chakra you are prone to obesity, inflammation, irritation, depression, cramps and eating disorders and low sex drive.

Some of the most popular crystals to help with this Chakra are obsidian and red jasper. You can meditate with these crystals, holding them in your hand to help open this Chakra. Visualize red turning in a clockwise motion. You can also wear them on your body as jewelry or in a pocket or pouch close to your body.

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