This post is one of the most important posts and direction that I can give you. So you’ve read the introduction and you have felt like you’re an empath. Most or all of the bullet points you can associate with.

So when you’re and empath you’re like a beacon of light out into the spirit world. You also are very sensitive to energy and what others put out. You can walk into a room and immediately your mood changes because of the energy that is put out by others in that room. When you are close enough to someone you pick up on negative and positive energy that is in their aura field. If its bad it can make you sick or can zap your energy or even put you in a bad mood. I have a hard time going to festivals and malls because I’m exhausted when I come home.

Spirits also see your light and you attract them. A spirit can drain your energy and also affect your mood. Shielding and grounding is something you have to do if you want to function well in this world. I’ve had clients tell me that doing this 2 x day has helped their depression and anxiety. Empaths also can suffer from substance abuse because they’re trying to cover up all the emotions and energies that they feel.


Here’s how you shield. There are several ways. This needs to be done in the morning and at night before bed.

Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. On the 3rd one breathe in and see a light in your heart expand with each inhale in. Each time you breathe in this light expands to encompass way past your body.

The second way is to take several deep breaths. See a blanket of light at your feet. Bend over and grab the blanket with our hands. Pull it up over your head and down your back until it goes under your feet. Feel it go under your feet. As you are doing this say a mantra. You can say The Lord’s Prayer or whatever empowers you. I am safe, I am protected and am secure in the light etc.


See light coming down into the top of your head and through your body out your feet into the core of the earth. See it latching onto the bright red core.

See yourself with your back against a tree. See your feet melting into the roots of the tree and down into the earth.

You can also do what’s called Earthing. Go stand outside in the grass and the earth pulls the energy down and grounds you automatically.

Don’t overthink these steps. Empath love to overthink things and worry if its correct. These steps only take a minute to do. To remember to do these out a note on your mirror to remind you when you are getting ready and going to bed.

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