It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged due to self-care which is the topic I’m talking about today.

Self-care is so important for empaths to be able to function in a toxic world and remain healthy mentally and physically. Empaths tire very easily so extra rest is vital. Naps and one day a week to sleep in can be very beneficial. I work in a very busy office and at lunch I go to my car because I need solitude and quiet. Some of my coworkers understand and some do not. I don’t worry about the ones that don’t!

Emapths have to completely unplug or we become irritable and over tired. Stepping away and just closing the door is the best way to do it. Salt baths using Epsom salt clears out our auras and grounds us. Unplug in nature. Go camping, go to a state park or just sit in the backyard. Pay attention to the birds and simple wildlife. If you go on vacation and there’s a lot of stimulation go take a nap or find a quiet spot to de-stress. Over stimulation makes empaths very cranky and you just don’t know why you feel that way, we also need extra sleep.

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