Through very many years I dealt with a lot of fear. When you’re an empath you have abilities to see, feel and maybe see things others can’t and it can create fear. How do I deal with this? What if you don’t want to see, hear or feel? Well you can shut it down somewhat. To do that, just ask. I asked not to physically see because it scared me too much. Now I still see but in a gentler way. I see in my mind’s eye. You get a flash of what you would see. After practice you learn to be able to tell this from your imagination. The same goes for spirit messages. You might get a message and think that’s your subconscious. Spirit messages are like quick little bleeps that come in and out kind of like a butterfly. Your imagination thoughts stick in your mind and you hold onto them.

I had a lot of fear growing up dealing with a lot of the paranormal. I want you to know that nothing can hurt you unless you allow it. When you ask for protection, believe with your entire being that it is so. There is no doubt in your mind that you are safe but you have to believe it. If there is one little nagging doubt in your gut it will know (or whatever you are asking for protection from). This is why I felt like it did not work for so long. I would ask but that little nagging voice would ask me “are you sure? “ Believe in your angels, guides and teachers. Nothing can penetrate the light. You are like a lighthouse in the night. That’s why I stress so much to shield and ground!!! Lower energies will be attracted to you because of your light in their darkness. Part of the spiritual growth and awakening is dealing with these energies and it may not be so pleasant. People say “oh I want to do that or I want to be open”! Well with that request will come responsibilities and things that are not of the light. I discussed this in an earlier blog.

If fear is an issue for you, find a totem that will make you feel empowered. Find and necklace with a stone you are drawn to or a bracelet or ring. Carry a certain stone in your pocket. Tigers Eye, Obsidian and Turquoise are great protection stones. Amplify them with a piece of quartz also. Remember to cleanse them on a regular basis. Just know that you have guides and teachers and angels protecting you and all you have to do is ask. They are there just for you. I hope this helps and I know how this feels because actually just within the past year I got a grip on my fears!!!!

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