This topic is a sensitive topic for almost all people. I would say 75% of empaths have some kind of crutch. The percentage could be higher. I think I’m being conservative. If you don’t know you’re an empath you probably turn to things to numb the pain from the outside world. If you are an empath you know what’s causing it and you do the same thing.

There a many forms of substance abuse. I’m not just talking about alcohol and drugs, there is also food. Have you ever said “I’m an emotional eater or I eat when I’m stressed”! I know, I’m an emotional eater as well. Quite a few empaths are overweight because of this issue. When you have a bad day or something triggers you to be upset you look for things to numb that feeling. I’m guilty of having a glass or 2 of wine after work sometimes to help me relax. I have a family member that is in recovery right now for alcohol and drugs. She’s a super sensitive empath. The hardest thing to deal with to get off these habits is to learn to deal with the emotion or stress and channel it another way. Learn to meditate. Also stress makes empaths super tired so take a nap and go to escape from the outside world. This blog is also reminded me of finding better ways to handle the negative influences of my stress and day to day life.

A few things I do to help are to take a salt bath, go into nature or get away for the weekend. Find a spiritual retreat that resonates with your soul. I don’t watch the news. Most of the time I hear about issues in the world from Facebook or friends. The news is so negative! You sitting there worrying about the world’s issues don’t help any of us. Worry sends negative energy out into the world and the world needs positive thoughts. That is really another blog is to watch your thoughts.

Have a great week everyone. Im actually going to my spiritual retreat for a few days so no TV or phones! Just nature and a rushing creek! Love and Light!!

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