For this blog I want to write a little bit about gratitude. I just got back from an amazing three days at a spiritual retreat called Mountain Light Sanctuary. There is no Wi-Fi, TV’s or radio, Pure silent and high vibration energy. Using all of these modern conveniences we lose the gratitude factor and just expect things. Sitting there with no outside modern conveniences makes you think and realize how much we have and how lucky we are. We take advantage that our water turns on every time we need it. We take advantage that our car starts or our power comes on in a dark room. Being in nature and totally decompressing makes you see that we should give great thanks every day for what we have. Try to only stress about what is really important not what won’t matter in a few days. Work on your home to make it a sanctuary and a place of retreat. Nature and animals are so forgiving and we constantly take and take and take. Do you really need another pair of shoes? Do you really need that new dress?? Turn the tv off and practice silence and calm. You will be surprised at how much calmer you may feel!

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