This blog I’m going to talk about the Violet Flame. I was taught this many years ago when I was a very young adult. I use this in my paranormal clearings and during a reiki session to transmute any negative energy that is released from the chakras. The violet flame is very powerful and clears out negative and blocked energy. The violet flame is the greatest gift given to mankind by the archangel St Germaine. Using this also eases bad situations and negative thoughts. I have used this when in toxic work situations. I do this quickly before I go into the building and the conflicts are not as intense. You have to use visualization for this to work but it is not hard to do and can be done with little effort.


See Archangel Michael with a blue flame sword pulsating with light come into the space or individual. (Yes this can be done on individual people) You can see Archangel Michael as a warrior with full amour or just as a strong being of light. See him going from room to room or beside the person slashing away the negativity. See the negativity as bits of charred wood floating in space. Then place the individual or place into the most beautiful violet fire you have ever seen. See this fire burning away all the negativity. Immediately fill the vessel with the golden white light of the Christ. I usually see a pitcher of golden white light, held with Gods hand, filling up the area or individual. You can see it like a glass of milk overflowing and going underneath as well.

That’s it! It’s easy to do in just a few minutes. You can do this also before you go into stores where you shop or just anywhere. It raises the vibration for you wherever you go. I hope you use this in whatever practice you do. It is a wonderful tool!!

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