The Second Chakra (Sacral)

Welcome back to this week’s blog! We are focusing on the 2nd Chakra which is the Sacral Chakra. It is located in the pelvic area above the root Chakra. Its color is orange. It is also known as Svadhisthana. The 2nd Chakra represents pleasure and enjoyment. It is the center of feeling, emotion and connection.

The energy of this chakra allows you to let go, move and feel change within your body. This Chakras main challenge is society. We are taught at a very young age to not show emotions and to suck it up. This mentality causes this chakra to become blocked.

If this 2nd Chakra is not balanced it can lead to addictions of drugs, sex, gambling and money. Other symptoms are chronic low back pain, arthritis, genital and sexual problems and hip issues. Chakras can also be overactive and those symptoms are mood disorders and bipolar disorder.

To unblock this Chakra it helps to try to love your body and become more creative. If your root Chakra ( the first one we talked about last week) is blocked it also affects this Chakra . Both of these Chakras also affect sex and sensuality as well. Letting go of negative emotions keeps this Chakra healthy.

Crystals that open and activate the 2nd Chakra are orange and coral calcite, citrine, orange carnelian and orange adventurine. If the Chakra is overactive crystals to soothe it are obsidian, amber and purple gemstones like amethyst. Use these stones during meditation, jewelry or just keep them in your pocket. When meditating you can also lay one of the stones on the area just below your naval.


The root Chakra is the first Chakra in the body’s Chakra system. This Chakra is associated with feeling safe and grounded. It also has earth energy. This Chakra is found at the base of the spine. Another name for this Chakra is called Muladhara Chakra because of its feminine energy. It also lays the foundation for the expansion of your life. Just like a foundation it give you the basics of survival, such as food, shelter, safety and a sense of comfort and belonging and sex drive.

The typical root color Chakra is vermilion red. Red represents strength and vitality. If there is imbalance with this Chakra you are prone to obesity, inflammation, irritation, depression, cramps and eating disorders and low sex drive.

Some of the most popular crystals to help with this Chakra are obsidian and red jasper. You can meditate with these crystals, holding them in your hand to help open this Chakra. Visualize red turning in a clockwise motion. You can also wear them on your body as jewelry or in a pocket or pouch close to your body.

introduction to Chakras

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to my late Wednesday blog. I had some major issues this week that had to be dealt with but we are back on track now!

Since we talked about what Reiki is last week, this week I start my series on the chakras. First I’ll talk about what they are and then each week we will focus on each one and the crystals that go with that individual chakra.

Reiki works on the chakras and keeping them healthy. Chakra means wheel or disk. Within these wheels or disk is Prana. Prana is another name for energy, the ultimate healing energy. Healthy ultimate healing energy is what keeps us happy, healthy and vibrant. Blocked energy centers in the chakras can often lead to illness. There are seven main chakras in the body. They start at the base of the spine and end up above our head. There are other chakras that are considered minor chakras (example the tops of our feet) but we are going to concentrate of the main seven.

These swirling energy centers correspond with massive nerve centers in the body. Since everything in our bodies is moving it’s essential that these chakras remain open. If a chakra is blocked energy can’t flow through the body, just like your sink getting clogged up. What clogs the chakras up? Stress, emotional issues and just plain life in general. Receiving Reiki on a regular basis keep your drain from staying clogged.

Stay tuned next Wednesday and I will start with the root chakra. We will talk about how you can tell if its blocked, the color and crystal to use as well. Thanks for visiting and see you soon!

What is Reiki ???

Welcome to my first Wednesday blog ya’ll!! I’m so excited to start these blogs on so many different topics.

My first topic is Reiki.  I‘ve so many people ask me what Reiki is. Most people at the Awakenings Physic fairs come by and ask “what do you do? What is this Reiki stuff I’ve heard so much about?”

Reiki means mysterious atmosphere. Reiki is pure healing energy. It is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. It can also be called hands on healing. It is universal life force energy transferred through the palms of the practitioner. It helps with emotional and physical healing. It also involves the chakras which are energy centers in the body. We will look at those in depth later. When your chakras are healthy, you are healthy. Life just happens with struggle and strife and the chakras can become blocked. Reiki keeps your energy centers healthy and vibrant.

So who can do Reiki? Anyone can! But to do this type of energy work you have to be attuned. Attunement is when the Reiki master downloads certain symbols into your subconscious and teaches you how to use them. You have to be attuned!  I do teach all levels of Reiki if you are drawn to this type of energy work.

I took a yoga chakra class a while back. This was before I took the Reiki classes. During this series of classes I got my Reiki 1 and 2 from another source, when the yoga instructor learned of this she chastised me saying” I don’t like Reiki. It makes others think you’re privileged and that you’re more special than them.” That is not true. Everyone has the power to heal others, you can lay your hands on someone and send them wonderful healing green energy and it will help. Reiki is just a different form of energy work that comes from early Japanese influences in the 1800’s. Over 60 hospitals in the USA are now offering Reiki services to patients! That is so cool!

I hope this explains some of your questions about this wonderful energy work. If you have any questions feel free to message me!

Love and Light!

My Story

Welcome everyone to my Reiki Crystal website! I ‘m so excited to share with you my experiences and knowledge. Its been a journey of love, light and learning!

For as long as I can remember I have always been different. I had spiritual gifts at a very early age. One of the first situations that I can remember was when I was about 7 years old and visited the Biltmore House in Asheville NC with my family. We went down into the in door pool area. I remember looking around and something didn’t feel quite right. There was a vibration that was off and I didn’t like it. I asked to leave. I was always told that I was too sensitive and I took everything too seriously. I felt like it was a curse at this time of my life.

My mom was always into the metaphysical belief system. She used to go over to a lady’s house name Georgia. I went a couple of times. They would do group meditations and work with the Archangels. My mom then helped start a church that was in Charlotte NC with Marian Starnes called The Brigade Of Light. She was in charge of the music there. It was a wonderful place to go once a week and receive teachings and new information from the other side. My dad was very traditional and was the minister of music at a Methodist church. I went back and forth between the two before i made a decision to stick with Metaphysics.

After i finished school I married and moved away and thus began my path to work with the paranormal. I fought with a lot of fear and life was teaching me how to deal with all kinds of situations and energies, both positive and negative. My gifts increased little by little as the years went on. I then took a mediumship class with a local well known medium and my third eye opened up and then it was on! I also took Reiki 1 and 2 and began to explore the healing energies.

I became single again and moved into a rental house in Charlotte and boy was it haunted. That place was so intense I didn’t want to go home. At that point I joined a local paranormal group and did all night investigations. There was a branch off of that group that did house clearings. I became passionate about helping trapped souls and the living deal with all that craziness. I remarried and moved again to upper SC and had the true test because that place was haunted too. This place was no joke. After learning and dealing with that for a number of years my interest shifted to a more positive energy work. I decided to get my master level of Reiki and start helping people heal. As I worked with people and I found a great need to help others with their own abilities and also help them manage their depression, anxiety, stress and emotions. Some of these people were empaths and intuitive like me and I felt a great need to teach others what I have learned.

I have always been attracted to crystals. They add so much to our spiritual practice. I am using Crystal Grids under my Reiki table to enhance the healing and energy. One of my favorites is Celestine Quartz. This one vibrates at at high frequency and is awesome at clearing out the Chakras! I will be focusing on certain crystals and helping you learn about how they help us and enhance our lives in future blogs.

So here I am on this journey of light and love to help counsel and heal peoples body mind and spirit. I still have a passion for the paranormal and still enjoy doing that from time to time but my real devotion is to help others through healing. Now from the interesting and difficult path that has led me to this point I still am very sensitive and see now that it is truly a gift and not a curse. I hope to help others having a rough time realize and give them tools to enjoy life again and to see your incredible worth and potential!!!