Tonight I’m starting my new series about being an empath. This can be a gift and a curse!! I’ve been an empath all my life. When I was young I always heard “You’re too sensitive”! “You need a thick skin”! Well actually I still hear it but I don’t think there’s something wrong with me now! I know what it is! Empaths can also jump jobs because we don’t do well with confrontation. When the going gets rough we’re outta there! I’m going to list a checklist to find out if you are an Empath.  In the coming weeks will talk about handling our emotions, shielding and grounding, meditation and just plan how to cope.

  1. Have you been labeled overly sensitive and take things personally?
  2. Do arguments make you ill?
  3. Do you feel like you don’t fit in?
  4. Am I drained by events and crowds like going to the mall or festivals?
  5. Are you over stimulated by noise?
  6. Are you sensitive to chemicals
  7. Do you take your own car to places so you have control and can leave early if you want to?
  8. Are you an emotional eater?
  9. Do you have a low pain threshold?
  10. Do you absorb other people’s emotions?
  11. Do you need to recuperate after a big social event?
  12. Do you prefer small groups to large ones?
  13. Do you suffer from depression and anxiety?

If you answer to even half of these you may be an Empath! How exciting! What exactly is an Empath? An Empath is someone that is sensitive to energy vibrations and also most likely have abilities. They’re sensitive to the moon phases and any changes in the universe. It’s a curse when you suffer from depression and anxiety and can be very debilitating. A lot of Empaths may be substance abusers because they feel too much. Stay tuned to next weeks blog and we will talk about shielding and grounding!!


We are ending this blog unit on the last but not least crown chakra. It is the 7th chakra and is located at the top of the head. It gives us access to higher states of consciousness and gets us in touch with the universe. It is also referred to as Sahasrara. The color is my favorite, violet or purple.

As we immerse ourselves in the energy of this chakra we feel a state of blissful union and spiritual ecstasy. It gives us clarity and wisdom. Some say it’s a gateway to the divine self.

Imbalances are being disconnected to spirit, and constant cynicism regarding what is sacred. An overactive chakra can cause obsessive attachment to spiritual matters, closed mindedness and living in your head (being out of touch).

Beautiful crystals are associated with this chakra. They are Amethyst, Quartz crystal, Selenite and Moonstone. All of these crystals look ethereal to me and it makes sense that they are associated with this chakra.

People talk about wanting to be open with this chakra more than any other. You can open this chakra with meditation and prayer. If this is something you want to do then I ask you to proceed with caution. There can be consequences to any opening for more energy. You will have to shield and ground. You might have trouble sleeping and have vivid dreams. You might open the 3rd eye and begin to see things good and bad. Please research before you go this path because it can be something you might not really want in the end.

Next week we will start a new topic series about Exploring the Empath!!!


Today’s blog is about the 3rd eye or brow chakra. It is also known as the Ajna Chakra. This chakra is the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. People that use this chakra are known as psychics or seers. It is the 6th chakra.

The color of this chakra is purple of bluish purple. It can also be seen as a translucent purple or bluish white. It has the soft radiance of the moon.

It is associated with the pineal gland in charge of regulating biorhythms, including sleep and wake time. The pineal gland is a gland located in the brain that is a center of attention because of its perception and effect of light or mystical states of consciousness. It is sensitive to changes in lighting. Many people talk of opening the pineal gland and expanding their psychic abilities. This is what they’re referring to is the 3rd eye chakra. This chakra also is the connection to wisdom, insight and motivates inspiration and creativity.

Imbalances of this chakra are feeling stuck in the daily grind with feeling that there are no options to move on. Lack of clarity and spiritual rejection are other imbalances. Over active symptoms are manifesting and indulging in fantasies of a spiritual nature.

Stones that aid in the 3rd eye chakra are amethyst, black obsidian and purple fluorite. These are 3 of my favorite stones! I use the obsidian for protection and the amethyst helps with sleep and healing. Fluorite is a very eye appealing stone. It has swirls of purple and green. This stone helps with emotions and chaos.

This chakra is one of the most talked about chakras because people always want to become more open and deepen their abilities. You can work with this chakra with meditation and exercises to strengthen and become more open but I do place a warning on wanting to do so. Becoming very open can bring experiences and responsibilities that will challenge you. You might see and feel more things in the spirit world that can be overwhelming and frightening. You may have to protect yourself more with grounding and shielding. You might have trouble sleeping. Please proceed with caution and respect this chakra with seriousness. It is good for this chakra to be open just like the rest of the chakras but strengthening this one can have consequences.


The throat chakra is the fifth chakra. It is also known as Vishuddha. The throat chakra is located at the center of the neck at the level of the throat. It is the passage of the energy between the lower parts of the body and the head. The function is communication and expression.

The throat chakra color is a beautiful shade of blue turquoise or aqua marine blue.

Characteristics are verbal and non-verbal communication, connection with the etheric realms and intuitive abilities. Opening of this chakra connects you to spirit.

A blocked chakra can lead to feelings of insecurity, timidy and introversion. An overactive may lead to gossip, nonstop talking and being verbally aggressive and mean. Telling lies is another imbalance.

Stones that aid in this chakra are any beautiful blue ones. Turquoise and lapis are two common ones.

Turquoise dispels negativity and Lapis is also known as the stone of truth.


Today we are going to talk about one of the most important chakras and that is the heart chakra. This chakra is an amazing shade of green. It is also known as Anahata. This chakra is all about love. All of us need more love in our life and it is so important for the planet.

It is the wellspring of love, warmth, compassion and joy. It is the center of your deep bonds with other beings, your sense of caring and compassion. The energy allows us to recognize that we are part of something much larger and greater. It means living your life with loving kindness and compassion towards others. Others can feel your love and warmth.

When this chakra is open energy is flowing freely, you are not only loving to others but loving to yourself. You need to learn to say no and take care of yourself.

When this chakra is blocked you are hard, cold and bitter. You have very little compassion and tolerance for others. When I work at the Awakenings Fairs most of the people that are on my table have heart chakra blockages. All of us have been through some type of emotional pain and this chakra needs to be cleared out on a regular basis.

Stones that help this chakra are pink rose quartz, pink Rhodochrosite and green crystals such as Adventurine and green emeralds. As stated before you can wear these crystals, keep them in your pocket or meditate with them on your heart chakra to help open it up.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Today we are going to focus on the 3rd Chakra or the solar plexus Chakra. It’s also known as Manipura.

It is located between the naval and solar plexus and is the core of our personality, ego and identity.

This Chakra is the center of your self-esteem, your willpower, self-discipline as well as warmth and personality. It transforms inertia into action and movement and to meet challenges head on. The color is a beautiful bright yellow.

Having an overactive Chakra can cause emotional outbursts and can make you overly stressed.

Someone with a blocked solar plexus Chakra is passive and inactive-allowing life to pass them by.

Every time you judge or criticize yourself you deplete this Chakra and weaken your willpower.

Unblocking this Chakra is about self-love and acceptance.

Crystals for this Chakra are all about yellow and warm colors. It blends with the lower Chakras. Tigers eye, yellow jasper and lemon quartz are some of the most popular when working with this Chakra.

As mentioned before u can wear these crystals in jewelry, hold them in meditation or keep them in your pocket.

The Second Chakra (Sacral)

Welcome back to this week’s blog! We are focusing on the 2nd Chakra which is the Sacral Chakra. It is located in the pelvic area above the root Chakra. Its color is orange. It is also known as Svadhisthana. The 2nd Chakra represents pleasure and enjoyment. It is the center of feeling, emotion and connection.

The energy of this chakra allows you to let go, move and feel change within your body. This Chakras main challenge is society. We are taught at a very young age to not show emotions and to suck it up. This mentality causes this chakra to become blocked.

If this 2nd Chakra is not balanced it can lead to addictions of drugs, sex, gambling and money. Other symptoms are chronic low back pain, arthritis, genital and sexual problems and hip issues. Chakras can also be overactive and those symptoms are mood disorders and bipolar disorder.

To unblock this Chakra it helps to try to love your body and become more creative. If your root Chakra ( the first one we talked about last week) is blocked it also affects this Chakra . Both of these Chakras also affect sex and sensuality as well. Letting go of negative emotions keeps this Chakra healthy.

Crystals that open and activate the 2nd Chakra are orange and coral calcite, citrine, orange carnelian and orange adventurine. If the Chakra is overactive crystals to soothe it are obsidian, amber and purple gemstones like amethyst. Use these stones during meditation, jewelry or just keep them in your pocket. When meditating you can also lay one of the stones on the area just below your naval.