This is a new series on the fairy and nature spirit kingdom. Everyone loves fairies but they can be quite mischievous little spirits. They can hide things from you and they think this is very entertaining. I had a book that was about the fairy kingdom and it was filled with wonderful information. Every time I would want to lend it out it would disappear for a while. Later I would find it in some strange place like under the couch, somewhere where I would’ve never put something. Now it has disappeared altogether and it’s been years since I’ve seen that book!! They deserve the upmost respect or they might cause havoc in your life. Your car might not start or you might lose your keys. You can see them with the naked eye more so during the spring or what’s called Beltane.  When I have seen them they look like little blue Christmas lights dancing among the flowers.

They love treats and gifts! Anything shiny and with sparkle! Inviting them into your garden will benefit your flowers and trees. They also love color. Place flowers that bloom with bright flowers in your garden. Try not to prune and make it too neat. Fairies like a more natural place to play. Some plants you can put in your garden to attract them are sunflowers, honeysuckle, lilacs, lavender and rosemary to name a few. Add some crystal to all of that and then ask for them to come. Sit on a bench and hum a tune or sing. Try to be childlike to attract them.

Next week we will talk about another nature spirit called the Devas or tree spirits!!


This blog I’m going to talk about the Violet Flame. I was taught this many years ago when I was a very young adult. I use this in my paranormal clearings and during a reiki session to transmute any negative energy that is released from the chakras. The violet flame is very powerful and clears out negative and blocked energy. The violet flame is the greatest gift given to mankind by the archangel St Germaine. Using this also eases bad situations and negative thoughts. I have used this when in toxic work situations. I do this quickly before I go into the building and the conflicts are not as intense. You have to use visualization for this to work but it is not hard to do and can be done with little effort.


See Archangel Michael with a blue flame sword pulsating with light come into the space or individual. (Yes this can be done on individual people) You can see Archangel Michael as a warrior with full amour or just as a strong being of light. See him going from room to room or beside the person slashing away the negativity. See the negativity as bits of charred wood floating in space. Then place the individual or place into the most beautiful violet fire you have ever seen. See this fire burning away all the negativity. Immediately fill the vessel with the golden white light of the Christ. I usually see a pitcher of golden white light, held with Gods hand, filling up the area or individual. You can see it like a glass of milk overflowing and going underneath as well.

That’s it! It’s easy to do in just a few minutes. You can do this also before you go into stores where you shop or just anywhere. It raises the vibration for you wherever you go. I hope you use this in whatever practice you do. It is a wonderful tool!!


For this blog I want to write a little bit about gratitude. I just got back from an amazing three days at a spiritual retreat called Mountain Light Sanctuary. There is no Wi-Fi, TV’s or radio, Pure silent and high vibration energy. Using all of these modern conveniences we lose the gratitude factor and just expect things. Sitting there with no outside modern conveniences makes you think and realize how much we have and how lucky we are. We take advantage that our water turns on every time we need it. We take advantage that our car starts or our power comes on in a dark room. Being in nature and totally decompressing makes you see that we should give great thanks every day for what we have. Try to only stress about what is really important not what won’t matter in a few days. Work on your home to make it a sanctuary and a place of retreat. Nature and animals are so forgiving and we constantly take and take and take. Do you really need another pair of shoes? Do you really need that new dress?? Turn the tv off and practice silence and calm. You will be surprised at how much calmer you may feel!


This topic is a sensitive topic for almost all people. I would say 75% of empaths have some kind of crutch. The percentage could be higher. I think I’m being conservative. If you don’t know you’re an empath you probably turn to things to numb the pain from the outside world. If you are an empath you know what’s causing it and you do the same thing.

There a many forms of substance abuse. I’m not just talking about alcohol and drugs, there is also food. Have you ever said “I’m an emotional eater or I eat when I’m stressed”! I know, I’m an emotional eater as well. Quite a few empaths are overweight because of this issue. When you have a bad day or something triggers you to be upset you look for things to numb that feeling. I’m guilty of having a glass or 2 of wine after work sometimes to help me relax. I have a family member that is in recovery right now for alcohol and drugs. She’s a super sensitive empath. The hardest thing to deal with to get off these habits is to learn to deal with the emotion or stress and channel it another way. Learn to meditate. Also stress makes empaths super tired so take a nap and go to escape from the outside world. This blog is also reminded me of finding better ways to handle the negative influences of my stress and day to day life.

A few things I do to help are to take a salt bath, go into nature or get away for the weekend. Find a spiritual retreat that resonates with your soul. I don’t watch the news. Most of the time I hear about issues in the world from Facebook or friends. The news is so negative! You sitting there worrying about the world’s issues don’t help any of us. Worry sends negative energy out into the world and the world needs positive thoughts. That is really another blog is to watch your thoughts.

Have a great week everyone. Im actually going to my spiritual retreat for a few days so no TV or phones! Just nature and a rushing creek! Love and Light!!


Through very many years I dealt with a lot of fear. When you’re an empath you have abilities to see, feel and maybe see things others can’t and it can create fear. How do I deal with this? What if you don’t want to see, hear or feel? Well you can shut it down somewhat. To do that, just ask. I asked not to physically see because it scared me too much. Now I still see but in a gentler way. I see in my mind’s eye. You get a flash of what you would see. After practice you learn to be able to tell this from your imagination. The same goes for spirit messages. You might get a message and think that’s your subconscious. Spirit messages are like quick little bleeps that come in and out kind of like a butterfly. Your imagination thoughts stick in your mind and you hold onto them.

I had a lot of fear growing up dealing with a lot of the paranormal. I want you to know that nothing can hurt you unless you allow it. When you ask for protection, believe with your entire being that it is so. There is no doubt in your mind that you are safe but you have to believe it. If there is one little nagging doubt in your gut it will know (or whatever you are asking for protection from). This is why I felt like it did not work for so long. I would ask but that little nagging voice would ask me “are you sure? “ Believe in your angels, guides and teachers. Nothing can penetrate the light. You are like a lighthouse in the night. That’s why I stress so much to shield and ground!!! Lower energies will be attracted to you because of your light in their darkness. Part of the spiritual growth and awakening is dealing with these energies and it may not be so pleasant. People say “oh I want to do that or I want to be open”! Well with that request will come responsibilities and things that are not of the light. I discussed this in an earlier blog.

If fear is an issue for you, find a totem that will make you feel empowered. Find and necklace with a stone you are drawn to or a bracelet or ring. Carry a certain stone in your pocket. Tigers Eye, Obsidian and Turquoise are great protection stones. Amplify them with a piece of quartz also. Remember to cleanse them on a regular basis. Just know that you have guides and teachers and angels protecting you and all you have to do is ask. They are there just for you. I hope this helps and I know how this feels because actually just within the past year I got a grip on my fears!!!!


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged due to self-care which is the topic I’m talking about today.

Self-care is so important for empaths to be able to function in a toxic world and remain healthy mentally and physically. Empaths tire very easily so extra rest is vital. Naps and one day a week to sleep in can be very beneficial. I work in a very busy office and at lunch I go to my car because I need solitude and quiet. Some of my coworkers understand and some do not. I don’t worry about the ones that don’t!

Emapths have to completely unplug or we become irritable and over tired. Stepping away and just closing the door is the best way to do it. Salt baths using Epsom salt clears out our auras and grounds us. Unplug in nature. Go camping, go to a state park or just sit in the backyard. Pay attention to the birds and simple wildlife. If you go on vacation and there’s a lot of stimulation go take a nap or find a quiet spot to de-stress. Over stimulation makes empaths very cranky and you just don’t know why you feel that way, we also need extra sleep.


This post is one of the most important posts and direction that I can give you. So you’ve read the introduction and you have felt like you’re an empath. Most or all of the bullet points you can associate with.

So when you’re and empath you’re like a beacon of light out into the spirit world. You also are very sensitive to energy and what others put out. You can walk into a room and immediately your mood changes because of the energy that is put out by others in that room. When you are close enough to someone you pick up on negative and positive energy that is in their aura field. If its bad it can make you sick or can zap your energy or even put you in a bad mood. I have a hard time going to festivals and malls because I’m exhausted when I come home.

Spirits also see your light and you attract them. A spirit can drain your energy and also affect your mood. Shielding and grounding is something you have to do if you want to function well in this world. I’ve had clients tell me that doing this 2 x day has helped their depression and anxiety. Empaths also can suffer from substance abuse because they’re trying to cover up all the emotions and energies that they feel.


Here’s how you shield. There are several ways. This needs to be done in the morning and at night before bed.

Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. On the 3rd one breathe in and see a light in your heart expand with each inhale in. Each time you breathe in this light expands to encompass way past your body.

The second way is to take several deep breaths. See a blanket of light at your feet. Bend over and grab the blanket with our hands. Pull it up over your head and down your back until it goes under your feet. Feel it go under your feet. As you are doing this say a mantra. You can say The Lord’s Prayer or whatever empowers you. I am safe, I am protected and am secure in the light etc.


See light coming down into the top of your head and through your body out your feet into the core of the earth. See it latching onto the bright red core.

See yourself with your back against a tree. See your feet melting into the roots of the tree and down into the earth.

You can also do what’s called Earthing. Go stand outside in the grass and the earth pulls the energy down and grounds you automatically.

Don’t overthink these steps. Empath love to overthink things and worry if its correct. These steps only take a minute to do. To remember to do these out a note on your mirror to remind you when you are getting ready and going to bed.